Kingspan Cost Optimal
Energy Saving Building Solutions

With Kingspan Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions, it is possible to achieve minimum capital and lifetime operations costs for a building by taking into account sustainable products and building methods at an early stage of the project.


For over 40 years, we at Kingspan, have pushed the boundaries of the building envelope, creating the world’s most advanced, high performance envelope systems. Through our knowledge, innovation and world-class technical expertise, we can provide future-proofed, Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions and help architects and designers to create affordable, energy efficient and sustainable buildings.


Why do we need Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions?

Today, it is not just about meeting regulations, the issue of rapidly rising energy prices further compounds the need for reducing the lifetime operational costs of a building.


With a holistic building design that concentrates on the design of the whole building, rather than just focusing on a specific area such as the building envelope only, it is possible to design more accurately, more efficiently and at optimum cost.


See the diagram below for the details of how everyone benefits from this approach:



What are Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions?


Building designs that seek to reduce:

  • The whole building capital cost (Capex); and
  • The whole building lifecycle operation cost (Opex).

Buildings designed with Cost Optimal Building Solutions provide many compelling advantages to the different property stakeholders: they consume less energy, they emit less carbon dioxide, and they are environmentally responsible over their lifetime, but the perception is that these type of buildings carry substantial capital cost premiums.


Kingspan Cost Optimal Energy Building Solutions can achieve minimum capital and lifetime operation costs for a building. They offer:

  • Less Capital Costs, using an enhanced building envelope with a holistic design approach;
  • Higher Return on Investment, using a capital cost uplift to provide significant operational cost reductions and offer rapid return on investment;
  • Lifetime Operational Cost Savings, using systems that maintain their thermal performance over time;
  • A Future-proofed Building, driving higher rental income, maximising occupancy levels, reducing operating costs and enhancing asset value; and
  • Enhanced BREEAM Ratingsenhancing green building credentials and providing market differentiation.

In conjunction with AECOM, a world leading building design consultancy, Kingspan Insulated Panels has carried out extensive research to identify the positive impact of more efficient building envelopes for buildings in various parts of the UK. Sample reports, along with advice on how Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions can be achieved, are available from Kingspan Technical Services

For further information on Cost Optimal Energy Saving Building Solutions please read The Value Proposition brochure.





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