Detailed below are the services offered by our envirocare technical services to project design teams, building owners and to all our installing customers, absolutely free of charge.


1. NBS Specification

  • Virtually all specifiers/architects use the NBS format, so all our model specifications (some circa. 700) are in NBS format.
  • The range is available for each panel system from standard environment, temperature controlled, hygiene, high humidity, low temperature, low pitch roof, enhanced acoustics, coastal environment, refurbishment, etc
  • Each model specification is ready for inclusion into the architect’s project specification.

2. Construction/junction details in line with current Building Regulations.

  • We have a large range of standard construction junction details and are continually producing new ones and ensuring that they comply with current building regulations.
  • Consideration of the thermal, structural, weathering, acoustic performance, etc. will be given when generating the detail where applicable.

3. Thermal calculations for junctions (Ψ & f min values)

  • All our construction details need to show the heat loss and condensation risk at the junction as part of the requirement in order to satisfy our thermal building regulations.
  • This is carried out by modelling the whole detail using finite element analysis (FEA) and the results inserted onto the detail.

4. Design wind load and snow load calculations

  • Wind loadings: In order to confirm the panel span acceptability and the number of fixings required, we request project details, building size/shape and location. Calculations are carried out using dedicated software, which results in the design wind loads for the specific project.  These can also be for general snow distribution or drifting due to building shape.
  • Snow loadings: In order to confirm the optimum panel span, we request project details, building size/shape and location and secondary steelwork design details. Calculations are carried out using dedicated software, which results in the design snow loads for the specific project.  These can also be used for general snow distribution or drifting due to building shape.

5. Condensation risk and thermal performance calculations

  • We work with a range of sectors, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation, commercial offices, etc. where projects usually have internal lining plasterboard type finishes, additional mineral fibre insulation for acoustics, SFS/AFS systems, etc.
  • With these additional internal materials the dew point in the construction may move to a point where condensation could occur. In this case we will calculate the thermodynamics of the construction for condensation risk using dedicated software.
  • Additional internal thermal linings may increase the thermal performance and therefore  it may be possible to reduce the panel thickness, again we can calculate the overall thermal performance of the intended construction using dedicated software.

6. Roof drainage calculations

As we offer a range of gutter systems we provide a full roof drainage calculation service.

  •  A detailed questionnaire is completed by the customer, we can then calculate the capacity of the gutter, capacity/centres of the outlets/downpipes and minimum required for a given run of gutter.
  • Based on our long term relationships with the specification and contractor sector, we offer this service irrespective of whether or not our gutter system is used.

7. General building physics issues

  • Buildings can have many types of internal environments, internal processes, external environments, acoustic issues, air leakage requirements, thermal, etc.
  • Our team will provide the best guidance, where further assistance is required we have a number of expert consultants in different subjects from whom we can draw guidance.

8. Fire/insurance-related queries

  • Questions on the performance of our panels in fire and relevant certification are dealt with by the technical team. Guidance is also provided on the supporting requirements of how to enhance the fire resistance period, how to increase the panel spans, etc.
  • We offer guidance on the correct specifications for FM, LPCB certification and fire building regulations.
  • We can discuss with a client’s insurers and fire consultants the benefits of our panels and the certification we have.

9. Full technical product information support

  • We can answer a full range of general technical questions relating to the panels, the ancillaries and the associated systems, ranging from the weight of the panel, the RAL number of the colour to the maximum length of the panel.
  • Many questions regarding recommended suppliers of components such as fixings and sealants are also answered by the team.
  •  We also have specialists on the key issues of sustainability, carbon management, recycling of panels and environmental assessment tools, etc.





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