Group Approach

"Together we have the opportunity to make our built environments more energy-efficient, attractive, adaptable, environmentally responsible and productive. The way we build can be more effective and reach higher standards than ever before."

- Gene M. Murtagh, Chief Executive Officer, Kingspan Group PLC. 


These are Kingspan's aspirations and they shape every aspect of how the Group works.

We go beyond the manufacture and supply of high-performance products, to provide stakeholders with solutions that take into account every aspect of the challenges they face. This bespoke, holistic approach has driven our success, and has made Kingspan the market-leading brand it is today. The 'Kingspan Way' is grounded in a number of core principles: exceptional service and support, unrivalled technical expertise, a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, continued investment in research and development and practical long-term guarantees backing all products. 

That is why, in 2011, the Kingspan Group embarked on its own Net-Zero Energy initiative, committing to ensure that all its facilities, worldwide, are Net-Zero Energy by the year 2020. Net-Zero Energy, as defined by Kingspan Group, means that all facilities are energy neutral on an aggregated basis across Kingspan's estate over the period of a year. This has a substantial environmental impact, as well as reducing one of the largest overhead costs, therefore enabling the company to be more profitable. 

During the period 2013 to 2014, the Kingspan Group saved 15GWh thanks to energy efficiency measures. This resulted in an additional circa €1m contribution to net profit. Kingspan Group is set to achieve its interim target of 50% this year. Kingspan’s progress in achieving targets is reported annually through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). 

Improving energy efficiency across all Group operations is a key element of the strategy to achieve Net-Zero Energy.

It is a recurring activity in all of our operations to continually test and implement ways to minimise waste, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Significant progress was made with the Insulated Panels plants across the UK and Ireland becoming 'zero waste to landfill sites.'

This means that all waste was either recycled or sent to waste-to-energy plants which helped to generate 241,000kWh of electricity in 2012.





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