Operating a sustainable business with sustainable products and solutions drives innovation and success in Kingspan Insulated Panels. Our products benefit our stakeholders. They have clear environmental and financial benefits and are assessed and certified by third party consultants. 


We have been at the centre of driving sustainability across the construction market for many years. Our involvement in industry body reports, our support of events and conferences and our focus on the sustainability of our own operations have made us very aware of the impact of our industry on the environment and the ways in which we can all contribute to improve the situation.

We continue to abide by our Sustainability Policy and continuously strive to improve our environmental, economic and social impacts in every market in which we operate. The Kingspan Group has committed to becoming a Net-Zero Energy company by 2020. Net-Zero Energy, as defined for our own purposes, means that our facilities are energy neutral on an aggregated basis across the Kingspan estate over the period of a year. This energy neutrality will be achieved by a combination of on-site renewable energy generation, off-site renewable energy generation and the use of energy from renewable sources. 

We have made great progress since our Net-Zero Energy initiative began in 2011. Aligning with the Group's strategic objectives we have a clear and robust management and governance system. We have also won various awards, received various prestigious accreditations and positively engaged with all stakeholders.  

We have led the market for many years with the sustainability of our products. A large proportion of product ranges are certified by BRE to Green Guide Specification A+ ratings. We provide a comprehensive guarantee which offers a 25 year structural and thermal panel performance guarantee and up to 40 years coating guarantee. This means that buildings are thermally efficient and structurally sound for longer and require less maintenance, reducing their life-time carbon footprint and environmental impact.

We have championed and continue to fully support initiatives such as:

  • BRE product lifecycle analysis
  • End-of-life product management
  • Training and education
  • Carbon reduction
  • Energy management including micro-production and whole building energy modeling
  • Responsible resource use
  • Sustainable building design
  • Sustainable product innovation


Our Sustainability Report to the left of this page gives more detail on each of these areas.





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