Insulated Roof & Wall Panels



Castle College was created for Highfields as an Automotive & Engineering Training Centre. It needed to be a functional and energy efficient building as well as having a striking appearance. The images are courtesy of Redshift Photography.

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A built up system consisting of a metal sub-frame with insulation and resin-impregnated timber-fibre rainscreen cladding was rejected in favour of Kingspan Mini-Micro.
Our panels helped to create a modern, attractive building with excellent thermal and fire performance. It is a light, bright space which reflects the needs of the building and which provides a talking point for all who visit.
Project Architect Jeremy Walker said: “The Kingspan system provided economy and speed of construction, required less substructure and had a lower self-weight. The panels have a variety of surface finishes and come in remarkably large sizes so there are few breaks. For the entrance structure I asked for curve panels, not expecting a positive answer, but Kingspan just said ‘yes’.”






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